About Us

Who are little BIG Records?

We are a new independent label aiming to give emerging artists a chance at success.
Based in Manchester, Rhys, Anthony and Matt, published artists in their own right, started their own label in 2015 to establish the right connections to release their music to the world without the need for all the middle men.

After this proved successful, Little BIG Group decided to open their doors to other artists who are struggling to get their music heard and are trying to find their feet within the music industry.

Little BIG Group now have the connections and means to distribute music to the worlds leading digital platforms. We also have the right tools in place to get your tracks sounding their best with our studio partners.

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Contact Us

General enquiries: enquiries@littlebiggroup.co.uk
Demo submissions: demos@littlebiggroup.co.uk


Submit a demo

We are always on the lookout for new artists and songwriters to join our label.
If you would like us to listen to some of your work, you can email a demo at demos@littlebiggroup.co.uk.

When sending our team a demo, please note the following:

-Demos should always be in the highest quality possible.
Home recordings are acceptable but please try to remove/reduce any noise (it makes it very difficult to hear your music!)

-Please only submit original work. Cover versions are not accepted.
-Our team listen to all of the demos sent to them, however, they may not be able to respond directly to every submission they receive.

Services we provide

-Sound Recording Contracts

-Synchronisation opportunities and management

-Digital and physical music distribution

-Artist management and development

-Studio space

-Music videos

-Gig and events bookings

-Marketing and promotion